Mines & Processing units of TMM India

TMM India has own mines and processing units giving us advantage of providing the best quality products to the clients. Our mines are in sikar district, Jaipur district. We also have many mines of quartz, silica sand and quartzite on lease. We have also been managing mines of sodium feldspar and potassium feldsapr.

Our Mines location: Ajithgarh, Neemkathana, Sikar, Buchara, Kishorpura (All mines are approved by mining department).

Processing units: We have two processing units near Ajithgarh, Sikar,



TMM India has mines of quartz, Quartzite, Sodium Feldspar, Potassium Feldspar. All these mines are approved mines from Government of India and we follow strict rules and regulartion related to mining. We also maintain environment to help us create balance in the ecology near the mines. We manage mines by following full environmental laws and do not allow any illegal mining procedures on our mines.

Processing Units


Our processing units are situated near Ajithgarh, Sikar District, Rajasthan. We have state of art facility for grinding and packaging of final product. We also have our inhouse testing labs and carry our quality control procedures at all the steps from mining to final packaging of the product. We also get the product tested at government approved labs to keep check on the quality of the final product.